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Maria Baptist

Pianist · Composer · Conductress

Maria Baptist is “a true seductress on the black and white keys of a piano“, a phenomenon, about whom Grammy winner Maria Schneider raves- “Her music is a gift, infused with all the creativity, power, emotion, generosity and warmth that she exudes in life.“

Piano Solo

The new solo piano album recorded in New York City by Baptist intrigues the listener with an extraordinary range— from balladesque and lyrical to avant-garde.

››› Piano Solo ›››

Maria Baptist Trio

Concerts, that offer everything, a modern jazz trio should have: groove, energy, tempo, lyricism, melancholy, emotion and complexity. Outstanding among the younger european jazz scene.

››› Trio ›››

Piano & String Quartet

With her timelessly beautiful album Episodes, Baptist creates the bridge between Jazz and Chamber music.

››› Piano & String Quartet ›››

Jazz Orchestra

Baptists musical instincts, harmonic intelligence and compositional imagination bring European tradition to American jazz ethos. (DOWNBEAT)

››› Jazz Orchestra ›››